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After nearly a decade of building my career, I still felt like I hadn’t found my “forever firm”. I learned so much along the way and grew alongside some wonderful mentors, but every work environment came with the same pain point. I often found myself trying to fulfill the promises of a sales rep with the limitations that come with the partner's need to be scalable. Those firms needed to offer a cookie-cutter service to ensure they could take on as many clients as possible, as quickly as possible. I have always been a growth-minded individual. I enjoyed being a part of a team that was success-driven. But all too often, I couldn’t meet a client’s needs and ultimately their growth was the cost of the firm’s success. This almost exclusively affected small businesses. Small businesses need a little handholding. They need solution-based services that are unique to their business. I started Bryant Bookkeeping because I want to be the person making promises, and the one fulfilling them. I remember the day I got my first client as the day I created my “forever firm”. I feel passionate about serving small businesses in my community. ​I feel passionate about creating relationships with my clients that are mutually beneficial.  If that resonates, I would LOVE to work with you.  

Hi, I'm Vanessa Bryant, Founder of Bryant Bookkeeping

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